“I had struggled with losing weight and toning by going to the gym for quite some time…. it was not until I joined Bria’s zoom classes and improved my diet with Bria’s guidance during the COVID lockdown in March that I started to lose weight, gain strength and tone overall while having FUN!  I look forward to each and every class!”

-Wendy-Anne K.


Something I have always struggled with in regards to my fitness and health is commitment and motivation. I typically will stick with an exercise schedule for a couple weeks or a couple months then completely “fall off the bandwagon” as they say! The same goes for maintaining a healthy diet. Working with Bria has helped me to quit making excuses as to why I can’t workout as I have made the  appointment with Bria. Bria is excellent at helping you stay motivated throughout the entire workout! 

In the three months I have been working out with Bria I have learned that I actually enjoy fitness, which I never ever thought I would say! I took about a two week break and couldn’t wait to start my next round of sessions! I have gained so much more confidence when it comes to my fitness level, as someone who is not super physically fit and overweight I would tend to shy away from going to  the gym or fitness classes as I was embarrassed. The last three months have changed my outlook on myself and my body, now I feel like I can walk into a gym and confidently complete a circuit without feeling embarrassed. 

– Megan H.


I was devastated and outraged by the police murdering George Floyd in May of 2020, an innocent Black family man. There were many ways I could stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour and one of those ways was to seek out and support Black-owned local businesses. That’s how I found Bria. 

Bria began helping me change my life for the better on July 1, 2020. Three times a week at the ‘crack of 7:00 am’ for the past six months Bria has been there for me, coaching me on, training my mind and body to do things I never thought I could with my tired, achy, aging, overweight body. I saw my family physician today and she didn’t recognize me. Yes, I had a mask on but she literally thought she had come into the wrong room and was astounded by the physical transformation that Bria has helped me achieve. Every time I would say, “I can’t do THAT”, Bria would say “YES, you can”. And then I would try it out, and sure enough, I could. Like that time I did the hand-stand thingy on the wall, or the one-minute plank, or even those hellish froggies. And then there was the 5 km run (she let me take breaks each kilometre), and the stairs at Lake Ontario park – 15 times, and the monthly 500-rep challenges, whaaat? Bria doesn’t make me do anything but she motivates me like no one else can.

 As I look back on the past six-months, I remain deeply frustrated and saddened about the events of 2020, but I will continue to do all that I can to contribute to dismantling the racist society we live in. At the same time, I am so grateful that I met Bria. She has supported me on my journey towards living a healthier life. It’s no joke when I say I am looking forward to the next six months with Bria, adding some yoga into the mix as her ‘Bodies by ‘B Business grows, and making it to the 1000 rep challenge on June 30th, 2021 – (yep, Bria, let’s do it!) –  to celebrate a year’s worth of active living. 

Heather C.

Professor, Queen’s University



Lunchtime can be difficult for a lot when it comes to thinking what to eat or what to prepare. The temptation of going to McDonald’s or taking a quick trip over up your favourite fast food restaurant is too easy, but what’s even easier it’s creating an easy masterpiece on your own! I know there’s nothing worse then when you’re sitting in the office and a boring old piece of bread, stuck together with a piece of processed cheese is staring you in the face.

Taking the time to prep your meals and think ahead is important and it’s super easy! Putting together your own classic rustic sandwich with great fresh ingredients is not only fast and easy, but also a great meal and snack. Trust me you will feel way better when you eat one of these absolute delicious beauties instead of that greasy fast-food burger.

Here’s one of these beauties that I made last week! Be sure to check out the ingredients and give it a try yourself!


2 Pieces of Local Gluten- Free Bread – Check out The Big Apple on HWY 401 for some amazing bread!
Mixed Greens
Two Fried Eggs
Fresh Berries
Banana on the Side

Blog Post: The 7 Must-Have Pieces of Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts

Creating a home gym in a small space? Make sure these items are on your list.

Want to work out more often, but don’t want to break the bank for an expensive gym membership and like to workout from the comfort of your home with an amazing trainer online? Well no more excuses! These workout essentials will help you sweat it out at home. Pick and choose from our curated list of gear (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and much more) to create a home gym room that works for you!

  1. Resistance bands

Want a rounder rump? Place one of the bands in around your quads, ankles, or knees during squats, bridges, or banded walks to help wake up those lazy glutes. CLICK BELOW

  1. Medicine ball

A simple all-around fitness tool. Hold it during workouts, throw it around, hit some crunches, this workout tool is so useful, its definitely a must have! Click Below

  1. Balance ball

This blue beauty challenges your posture while forcing you to work those core muscles. Plus, it’s a great tool for stretching! CLICK BELOW

  1. Sliders

Sliders enhance classic body-weight exercises like lunges, mountain climbers, and pikes by creating a greater stability challenge as you glide across surfaces. This double-sided pick is optimized to let you glide over both hardwood and carpeted surfaces. CLICK BELOW

  1. Yoga mat

Whether you’re moving through a yoga sequence or just stretching it out after a tough workout, a cushioned mat on those hardwood floors is a must. CLICK BELOW

  1. Weighted Jump Rope

Did you know one study found that just 10 minutes of jumping rope can be equivalent to a 30-minute jog? CLICK BELOW


Take that pain away and roll out those muscles. Working out means you need to recover and stretvh and this great tool helps you do so! CLICK BELOW

Update: LIVE Online Group Programs STARTING SOON!

It’s not to late to sign up for our Online Group Programs starting in the New Year!! Join a group of amazing ladies all striving towards the same goals in a healthy and friendly environment.


Here is a list of all of our new programs being offered:



Update: Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in Bodies by B! We are a fully online, LIVE fitness coaching service. What does LIVE mean? It means that Coach B is able to tailor a workout program to YOU in order to meet your needs and goals. It means that Coach B is cheering you on the whole way and giving you instructions and demonstrating various exercises to help optimise your results and to minimise the risk of injury. It means that if you’re not feeling motivated to workout, to run on your treadmill, or to follow a YouTube video – THAT’S OK – we are here to support you and to motivate you the whole way through by coaching you in real time, virtually.

We offer at home workout guides, meal guides, LIVE online training, LIVE online group classes, and yoga classes.

Send us an email at bbodiesygk@gmail.com if you have any questions or follow us on Instagram @bbodiesygk & send us a DM – we are constantly posting workout ideas, stretching videos and meal inspiration photos to help you on your journey!

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